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Clinical utility and consumer considerations for the use of once-daily nevirapine extended release for HIV infection treatment

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  • Hiv/Aids - Research And Palliative Care
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Eric W Pefura Yone,1,2 André P Kengne31Department of Internal Medicine and Subspecialties, Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Yaounde I, Cameroon; 2Approved Centre for HIV Treatment and Pneumology Service, Yaounde Jamot Hospital, Cameroon; 3South African Medical Research Council and University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South AfricaAbstract: An extended-release formulation of nevirapine (NVP-XR) has been developed with the aim of simplifying antiretroviral treatment regimens and improving patients’ adherence with a single daily intake. The VERxVE and TRANxITION clinical trials have demonstrated the noninferiority of NVP-XR compared with nevirapine immediate-release (NVP-IR) on viral load after 24 and 48 months of treatment. The tolerance profiles of NVP-XR and NVP-IR are similar. Simplifying the treatment dosage for NVP would likely improve adherence to antiretroviral treatments.Keywords: nevirapine extended release, HIV infection, antiretroviral therapy, efficacy, safety

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