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Preoperative Characteristics and Postoperative Behavior of Bowel Wall on Risk of Recurrence After Conservative Surgery in Crohn’s Disease: A Prospective Study

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NutritionInfo.indd CHILDREN’S DIGESTIVE HEALTH & NUTRITION FOUNDATION NORTH AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PEDIATRIC GASTROENTEROLOGY, HEPATOLOGY AND NUTRITION Nutrition Information Good nutrition is important in managing and overcoming any disease, especially inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). There can be many causes of inadequate nutrition in children and adolescents with IBD. First, a child’s appetite may decrease during a “flare”, resulting in inadequate calories to sustain normal activity and growth. Second, during times of inflammation, the digestive tract may not absorb nutrients as well as it should, or the body may not use the nutrients appropriately. Third, the body may need more calories to repair itself during and after a “flare.” Finally, some medications may affect appetite and nutrition. DIET MODIFICATIONS Some parents worry that something in their child’s diet caused him or her to have IBD, but there is no evidence to suggest that this is so. There is also no evidence that any particular diet will “fix” IBD. Therefore, there are usually no major restrictions on a child’s diet. However, individuality is the key. Many children do not have any obvious sensitivity to foods, whereas other children may. It is important to keep a food journal if you feel your child is not tolerating certain foods, then speak with your child’s health care team about your concerns. However, a few specific situations may require a change in your child’s diet. Dietary fiber may cause pain and block the intestine if it is narrowed by inflammation or after surgery. A low-fiber diet can be helpful when inflammation of the intestines has made the passageway narrow. Such changes in diet are often temporary, until the inflammation is improved. Salt intake should be monitored while taking corticosteroids, since salt increases fluid retention (swelling), a side effect of steroids. Some children may have difficulty with milk and other dairy products. However, this is often only

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