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Superconductivity at 105 K inTl0.5Pb0.5CaSr2- xLaxCu2O7

Physica C Superconductivity
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DOI: 10.1016/0921-4534(91)90288-a
  • Physics


Abstract Substitution of La 3+ for Sr 2+ in the lattice Tl 0.5Pb 0.5Sr 2CaCu 2O 7 has been used to reduce the hole carrier concentration on the CuO 2 planes resulting in T c passing through a maximum at 105 K. This behaviour is similar to the previously reported effect of substitution of Y 3+ for Ca 2+ in the same parent material. However, in the La 3+-substituted series: (a) superconductivity is maintained to higher substitution levels; (b) the c-axis lattice parameter initially contracts at only 30% of the rate; and (c) the a-b-planes lattice parameter expands at 140% of the rate; compared to the Y 3+-substituted series. These effects are consequences of the differing sites of substitution-La 3+ on the Sr-O plane bounding the CuO 2 planes, and hence influencing the bridging oxygen atom; Y 3+ on the bare Ca 2+ site between the CuO 2 planes. The superconducting phase diagrams of T c versus substitution level are similar to the phase diagram for the CuO 2 planes established for La 2- x Sr x CuO 4.

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