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PENGARUH TERPAAN BLOG TERHADAP INTENSITAS MENULIS DI BLOG PADA MAHASISWAStudi Pada Mahasiswa Konsentrasi Jurnalistik dan Studi Media UMM Angkatan 2006

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  • Hn Social History And Conditions. Social Problems. Social Reform
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This research is based on discovery og blogger Indonesia survey conducted by a corporate communications consultant in Indonesia Indopacific Edelman, that22% of students claimed to activity use their Blogs as a means of seeking and giving information. Blog stands for Web-Log is writing applications like writing (which appeared as a post) that is on a public web page. In the result of survey found that the intensity of the writing of Bloggers who begun to decline after two years due to the saturation level of the writer or the lack of topic that will be written. The statement of the problem in this research include the influence of exposure to the intensity of writing Blogs on the Blog on Students and how much the influence of exposure to the intensity of writing Blogs on the Blog Students. Uses and Gratifications theory that emphasizes the use and satisfaction of a person, which means the respondent or public have special authority to determine what media they use to satisfy their needs so they will feel satisfied for these choices. In this case the respondents who have chosen Blogs as a medium for writing and eventually put them to feel satisfied that the more intense in writing on the Blog. Type used in this research is explanation the research to examine the relationship between the hypothesized variables with a quantitative approach, the emphasis on data analysis and figures. The population in this research is students concentration in journalism and media studies of UMM in 2006 and the sample of 5 (five) students who already know and have a Blog. The sampling technique used is total sampling, because respondents who comprise less then 100 data. Collection techniques used are questionnaires and also supported by the secondary data used data from respondents who owned Blog and then put the items in question had made. Data Analysis used Coefficient Correlations Rho Spearman, caused amount respondents it less then 1 people. The result of this research showed that value correlations spearman is 0,975 it’s mean that have influences between exposure to the Intensity firmly and than taking a decision there is showed probability value > 0,05 it means that H0 is rejected with other words. Have significant influences between variable X is Exposure Blog depend variable Y is Write Intensity in Blog for University Students.

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