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A comparative study between pimecrolimus 1 % cream plus narrow band UVB versus narrow band UVB alone in the treatment of vitiligo

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Ekhlasi Ali A comparative study between pimecrolimus ١ % cream plus narrow band UVB versus narrow band UVB alone in the treatment of vitiligo Abstract Background Vitiligo is a common acquired disorder of pigmentation with great social impact and psychological distress. No definitive cure is currently available. Narrow band UVB(NBUVB) has been successfully used recently. Topical immunomodulators have been introduced to target the immunologic aspects of the disease. Objective To determine whether pimecrolimus, a proposed new modality, in combination with NBUVB increases the efficacy and/or hastens response time in patients with vitiligo. Methods This is a randomized, double-blinded placebo-controlled study treating ٦٨ patients for ٣ months (between January ٢٠٠٧ and July ٢٠٠٧) in two groups. The first group was exposed to NBUVB plus twice daily pimecrolimus %١ cream and the second to NBUVB with placebo (petrolatum). Triweekly radiation was started at ٢٨٠ mj/cm٢ with ١٥% increments for each subsequent treatment until erythema was reported or a maximum of ٨٠٠ mj/cm٢ was achieved. Vitiliginous patches were measured in ٢ axes at baseline,٦ weeks and ١٢ weeks after treatment. Digital photography was done whenever the patient agreed. , Results ٥٠ patients completed the ٣-month study. No significant side effects except self-limited erythema and pruritus were observed. The differences in the degrees of regimentation in different topographical areas of the body in two groups were not statistically significant except on the face which achieved better results in the first group(P=٠.٠٤٣), Conclusion NBUVB is an efficacious and well-tolerated mode of therapy in The treatment of vitiligo On the face, it works better if combine with pimecrolimus ١% cream rather than used alone. The slightly better results on the hands and feet in the NBUVB+placebo group needs further Key words Narrow-band UVB, Pimecrolimus, Vitiligo, Treatment.

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