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Work load and morbidity in an urban general practice in 1967.

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WORK LOAD AND MORBIDITY IN AN URBAN GENERAL PRACTICE IN 1967 by A. G. McKNIGHT, M.B., B.Ch., DObWt., R.C.O.G. and W. E. JACKSON, M.B., B.Ch., D.Obst., R.C.O.G. TWO SURVEYS have previously been carried out on work load and morbidity in general practice in Northern Ireland. Crawford (1954) in a two year study considered all aspects of work in his practice with special reference to the relationship of work load and morbidity with age. Maybin (1963) considered work load principally in connection with referral of patients to hospital and hospital admissions. His mor- bidity figures refer only to psychosis and psychoneurosis, and to his midwifery statistics. He also considered briefly clinical pathology and domiciliary consultations. These, so far as we could ascertain, have been the only published works on these subjects from Northern Ireland. In contrast, many studies on work load and mor- bidity in Great Britain have been published. We therefore decided to carry out a study of work load and morbidity in our practice in 1967 to ascertain if these differed in any great respect from those studies published previously in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The practice is conducted by two principals from central surgery premises situated at Shore Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Both principals hold part-time industrial and hospital appointments. A part-time nurse/receptionist and a part-time secretary are employed. A health visitor attends on a partial attachment basis. Surgery attend- ances have been by appointment for several years. The practice population in January 1967 was 3,987 and in December 1967, 4,007. The age/sex distribution of the practice on 31st October 1967, was as shown in Table I. The practice population shown in this register is always larger than the true practice population, because of inherent delays in the system of National Health Service records. TABLE I - Age/Sex Register 0-5 6-14 16-44 45-64 65+ All Ages Males 200 366 810 401 124 1,901 Females 176 388 905 482 190 2,141

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