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Användning av risk- och sårbarhetsanalyser vid kommunal planering inför extraordinära händelser

Lunds universitet/Brandteknik
Publication Date
  • Vulnerability
  • Risk
  • Risk- And Vulnerability Analysis
  • Extraordinary Event
  • Planning
  • Crisis
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Coordination
  • Accidents
  • Program Of Action For Civil Protection
  • Sårbarhet
  • Risk- Och Sårbarhetsanalys
  • Extraordinära Händelser
  • Planering
  • Kriser
  • Scenarioanalys
  • Samordning
  • Olyckor
  • Handlingsprogram
  • Technology And Engineering
  • Law


The Swedish system for crisis management is changing. Among other things, this has resulted in the law (2002:833) concerning extraordinary events in times of peace in municipalities and county councils, which states that municipalities must produce a plan for the management of extraordinary events. In this thesis, a hypothesis concerning how this plan can be based on risk- and vulnerability analyses is developed. The process described in the hypothesis is compared to the current work in three different municipalities. Coordination of the planning process with production of programmes of action for civil protection according to the Civil protection act (2003:778) is also discussed.

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