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Strain and Temperature Response of Transmission Dips at 2/3 of the Bragg Wavelength in Type I and IIA Fibre Bragg Gratings

SPIE- The International Society for Optical Engineering
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  • School Of Biomedical And Health Sciences
  • 0906 Electrical And Electronic Engineering


The strain and temperature responses of transmission dips at 2/3 of the Bragg wavelength in type I and IIA fiber Bragg gratings are presented. The existence of such dips is related to complex features that have been observed in microscope images of fiber Bragg gratings. The temperature and strain responses are as expected and demonstrate the suitability of using signals from both the Bragg wavelength and 2/3 of the Bragg wavelength for the simultaneous and co-located measurement of strain and temperature, using a single light source.

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