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PADICAT, el archivo de Internet

FESABID, Federación Española de Sociedades de Archivística, Biblioteconomía y Documentación
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  • Db. National Libraries.
  • Hq. Web Pages.
  • Hs. Repositories.
  • Jh. Digital Preservation.
  • Lc. Internet
  • Including Www.


PADICAT is the web archive created in 2005 by the Biblioteca de Catalunya (BC), with the aim of collecting, processing and providing permanent access to the digital heritage of Catalonia (Spain) on the Internet. Its harvesting strategy is based on the hybrid model (massive harvesting of .CAT top level domain; selective compilation by agreement of the web site of organizations; focused harvesting of public events). The repository provides open access to the whole collection, on the Internet. After 5 years of experience, we describe the operating system and future challenges.

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