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An animated movie as the resource of Japanese Language Learners : Analysis of the "Whisper of the heart"

北海道大学留学生センター = Hokkaido University International Student Center
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  • アニメーションのスクリプト
  • 映像資源
  • 日本語能力試験3・4級
  • 初級学習者
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The number of J-culture devotees has increased dramatically in the past several years and they tend to become Japanese learners. This paper analyzes the script of an animated movie, "Mimi o sumaseba (Whisper of the heart)", produced by Studio Ghibli in 1995, as a resource for Japanese language learners, especially beginners. First, we compare the use of i-adjectives in the script to the "daily language corpus" of Kobayashi (2009). The results show that the three most used i-adjectives, Ii, Nai and Sugoi are the same and that the frequency of use of i-adjective inflections also corresponds to the list. Second, we compare the grammatical and vocabulary items of the script to those of the JLPT 3rd Grade Test. The script covers 40% of the verbs, 37% of the i-adjectives and na-adjectives, and 77.2% of the basic grammatical items. This result shows that we can depend highly upon this script as a resource for introductory Japanese language for beginners. Further analyses of animated movies will make it possible to cover all the major grammatical items and basic vocabularies.

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