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Fungi as biocontrol agents in nature: Interaction of fungi on phylloplane of Datura metel L. and Vigna catjang L.

Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI)
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  • Botany
  • Fungi
  • Biocontrol
  • Nature
  • Phylloplane
  • Datura Metel
  • Vigna Catjang
  • Biology
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ISSN 0258-7122 Bangladesh J. Agril. Res. 37(3): 537-541, September 2012 Short Communication FUNGI AS BIOCONTROL AGENTS IN NATURE: INTERACTION OF FUNGI ON PHYLLOPLANE OF DATURA METEL L. AND VIGNA CATJANG L. SHAMIM SHAMSI1, NAJMUN NAHER2 AND ROKEYA HAQ3 Keywords: Fungi, biocontrol, nature, phylloplane, Datura metel, Vigna catjang Leaf surface is an intensely competitive environment for fungi. Recently, three species of fungi were noticed on phyllaplane of Datura metel L. The fungi were Colletotrichum sp., Pseudocercospora sp .and Trichoderma viride Pers. All the three fungi along with Trichothecium roseum Link were found on Vigna catjang L. Interaction among these fungi on phylloplane of their respective plants are presented in this paper. Psuedocercospora sp., Colletotrichum sp, Trichoderma viride, and Trichothecium roseum belong to the class Deuteromycetes. Pseudocercospora sp. causes indistinct leaf spots with greenish black superficial mycelial growth mostly on ventral surface of leaves. Colletotrichum sp. is a facultative parasite, responsible for anthracnose of various economically important plants. Trichoderma viride is a well known biocontrol agent throughout the world. T. roseum is a saprophytic fungus, sometimes found as laboratory contaminants. It is also an established biocontrol agent. Phylloplane mycoflora on Vigna sinensis L, and their interaction was described by Shamsi and Naher (2010). The biological control of plant disease has recently gaining appreciable importance to Plant Pathologists. Intensive research has been done in this field to avoid the hazardous impact of pesticides and agro-chemicals on ecosystem. The biological agents, the mycoparasites have also attained a significant position. It has been suggested that efforts should be made to investigate the biological control of plant disease through parasitism and predation. Present study was made to evaluate the antagonistic activities of T. viride and T. r

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