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An Alaskan Leafhopper that Lives Normally Beneath Icy Tidal Submergence

The Ohio journal of science
Smithsonian Institution Biodiversity Heritage Library
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A leafhopper of the Macrosteles fascifrons (Stal) complex lives on an alkali grass, Puccinellia nutkaensis (Presl) Fern. & Weath., on the tidal flats of Muir Inlet in Glacier Bay, Alaska. The tidal water, with icebergs and a temperature of approximately 1° C, covers the grass twice daily and the leafhoppers in all stages—egg, nymph, and adult—survive beneath the water for extended periods of time. The winged adults do not attempt to leave the plants when the tidal water begins to submerge them and none were obtained from vegetation surrounding the tidal fiats either before or after submergence.

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