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Impact failure mechanisms of layered structures

Purdue University
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  • Applied Mechanics|Engineering
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The response of layered materials to impact is extensively investigated. This study provides a demonstration of failure mechanisms of structures that undergo elastic and plastic deformation and sustain damage ranging in severity from surface plastic deformation and cracks at low velocity, variously developed conical, lateral and radial cracking at intermediate speeds, to catastrophic fragmentation and erosion that cause penetration at sufficiently high velocity. In order to demonstrate cracking fragmentation and penetration during impact in a structure, the cohesive element modeling and element erosion scheme are used, which is based on nonlinear dynamics using corotational scheme that is particularly effective method for handling relatively large deflection and rotations. ^ It will provide a means of design of structure to moderate in impact loading from foreign object to protect safety zone by identifying the failure modes of structures for a wide range of impact. The assessment of the protection efficiency to impact is presented by computer simulation. Extensive results from a parametric study of the effects of confinement on residual strength and effects of interactions between phenomena that are essentially accompanied by impact, are also provided to supplement the statement. ^

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