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La produzione ed erogazione di acqua potabile

  • Ecology
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  • Law


In a future time in the world the water will be a basic problem. At the moment in Italy the water’s problem is represented by her reduction, in front of a growing demand, while for the drinkable water always more numerous administrators are in budget deficit. The causes of this last national and local situation are due to the administrative monopoly, to a absence of planning and coordination politic, that rationalizes water’s use without rations it, starting from the cognizance of numerous variables. The economic quality of spring and consumption water, the oldness of the waterworks and pipe networks, the extremely fragmentation of waterworks (often of minimal dimension), their territorial localisation, the absence of common method of charges, the scanty use of analysis of management, are some aspects at the origin of a variability of coasts, proceeds, tariffs and results absolutely unique and surprising. The following analysis faces these problems observing the coasts of drinkable water in a representative area of many national realties, concerning the environmental, physic and socio-economic plan. The choice to analyse the coasts comes from the wish to contribute to the knowledge of problems linked to an efficient management and to the transparency determination of the tariffs, problem that is object of a lot of discussions. The essay presents a synthesis of the principal observations realized in a detailed research about over two hundred waterworks’ managers/administrators, about their coasts and about the incidence and impact of economies of productive dimension, of territorial economies,of territory economies, confronting owner/proprietary and entrepreneurial typologies with different legal nature.

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