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Report on the development of the social situation in the Communities in 1975

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EUROPEAN COAL AND STEEL COMMUNITY EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY EUROPEAN ATOMIC ENERGY COMMUNITY COMMISSION Report on the Development of the Social Situation in the Communities in 1975 (Published in conjunction with the 'Ninth General Report on the Activities of the European Communities' in accordance with Article 122 of the EEC Treaty) BRUSSELS - LUXEMBOURG 1976 User Rectangle This Social Report is published in six languages: Danish, German, English, French, Italian and Dutch. Date of completion of manuscript: 30 January 1976 © Copyright ECSC/EEC/EAEC, Brussels and Luxembourg, 1976 Printed in Belgium Reproduction authorized, in whole or in part, provided the source is acknowledged. User Rectangle Contents A - Political introduction 5 B- Outline of activities by the institutions ·of the European Communities in the social field in 1975 15 C- Development of the Social Situation in 1975 39 Chapter I - Employment (including migrant workers) Chapter 11 -Vocational training Chapter 111 - Industrial relations Chapter IV -Working conditions and labour Jaw Chapter V -Wages, incomes and asset formation Chapter VI - Housing Chapter VII -Family affairs Chapter V111- Social services Chapter IX - Social security Chapter X -Safety, hygiene and health protection at work Chapter XI - Protection of health and of the environment D- The Development of the Social Situation in figures Introductory comments I - Population 11 - Education and research Ill- Employment IV- Industrial relations and working conditions V- Incomes-labour costs VI- Sta~dard of living VII- Housing VIII- Health IX - Social protection X- Social accounts Index of Tables in the Text Index of Key Words Summary of contents SOCIAL REP. 1975 41 56 65 87 101 118 130 142 153 166 176 187 189 192 196 198 204 210 214 216 218 220 222 225 227 233 A- Political introduction Barbara Text Box 4-6 Barbara Sticky Note Co

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