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Code list of common marine living resources of the Indian Seas (With Revised Version)

CMFRI; Kochi
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  • Fish Taxonomy
  • Cmfri Special Publication
  • Marine Biodiversity


The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has been estimating marine fish landings along the Indian Coast for the past three decades and the data are being furnished to Central and State Governments, Industry, and national and international agencies. The Institute is also involved with the assessment of our marine fishery resources and management of multispecies harvested by diverse fishing gears. In the years to come, our commercially utilised marine animal and plant resources may cover not only conventional fin-and shell-fishes.but also non-conventional groups, such as mesopelagics, sponges, corals and seaweeds. There are endangered groups, such as marine mammals and turtles, which are protected under Wildlife Act. They occur as incidental catches or are 'occasionally stranded and these need monitoring.

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