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Haemoglobin phenotypes of the wild European mouflon sheep living on the island of Sardinia

Blackwell / Wiley
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  • Vet/10 Clinica Ostetrica E Ginecologia Veterinaria
  • Vet/02 Fisiologia Veterinaria
  • Bio/10 Biochimica
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Haemoglobin (Hb) phenotypes have been studied in 100 wild European mouflons living on the island of Sardinia by means of isoelectric focusing (pH 6.7-7.7 range) of the native tetramers, acid-urea-Triton gel-electrophoresis, and reversedphase HPLC of globin chains. The result indicates the presence of two ß-globin alleles one of which, corresponding to the ßB, being the most common (f=0.94). None were carriers of the earlier described Hb A. The new Hb was provisionally named Hb M. Severely anaemic mouflons were able to synthesize Hb C at expense of the Hb B alone, thus suggesting structural and physiological homologies between mouflon ßB and sheep ßA globin genes, and between the newly observed ßM allele and the ßB of the domestic Sardinian sheep.

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