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Thermodynamic performance assessment of CCHP system driven by different composition gas

Applied Energy
Publication Date
DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2014.09.070
  • Cchp (Combined Cooling Heating And Power)
  • Gas
  • Thermodynamic Analysis
  • Design


Abstract In order to facilitate sustainable solutions in megacities, waste-to-energy study of municipal solid waste handling is conducted including anaerobic digestion and thermal cracking, together with power generation technologies and the utilization of residual waste heat. In this paper, performance of CCHP (Combined Cooling Heating and Power) system, which is driven by different composition gases that the main components are CH4, H2, CO, SH2, C2H4, etc. is evaluated. The related parameters of the system, such as PER (primary energy ratio) of CCHP, exergy efficiency of CCHP ηex, the efficiency of gas engine η, and COP (Coefficient of Performance) of absorption refrigeration, were analyzed in different compression ratio of gas engine and under off-design conditions. The results indicated that the different composition gases had evident effect on the performance of CCHP. For the waste handling and waste-to-energy in metropolis, the gas input to CCHP system form anaerobic digestion and thermal cracking (pyrolysis) should be determined by considering all kinds of factors, such as cost of gas, efficiency of gas engine, cooling and heat load.

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