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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Edwin C. Whitehead

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October 6, 1988 Dr. Joshua Lederberg President The Rockefeller University 1230 York Avenue New York, NY 10021-6399 Dear Josh: I apologize for not answering your letter of August 1 - somehow it got mislaid. You correctly point out in your letter that 85-year old scientists do not find it very easy to get funds, as most of us ordinary mortals are not operating at maximum efficiency at that age. However, I did give you a promise and I intend to live with it. If you feel that the chip is worth calling in for this purpose, I will certainly fund Dr. Friedheim. The decision is entirely yours. I very much appreciate your joining the Board of the Friends of the National Library of Medicine and I,'m going to ask Keith Krueger, who is the Executive Director, to get directly in touch with you about future activities. Please let me know of your wishes regarding Dr. Friedheim as I am prepared to issue a check immediately. With all best wishes. Whitehead eu

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