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Factors Affecting Consumers’ Choice of Mobile Phone Selection in Pakistan

The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)


The study discusses the factors that affect/motivate Pakistani consumers in their mobile phone choice decision. A sample of 100 people was taken by using the sampling method of Convenience Sampling (or Accidental Sampling). For this particular study four important factors i.e. price, size/shape, new technology features, brand name were selected and were analyzed through the use of questionnaire in registering consumers’ perception of these factors. From the analysis it is clear that consumer’s value new technology features as the most important variable amongst all and it also acts as a motivational force that influences them to go for a new handset purchase decision. The study also discusses that when selecting between different mobile phone handsets consumers prefer well known brands instead of non familiar brands or Chinese handsets. The study also shows that price does affect consumers’ choice for a mobile phone but becomes less important of a factor as we move from low monthly income to higher income earning consumers. From the study it is clear that consumers in Pakistan are well aware of the new technology trends in the mobile phone industry. The study also reveals that male respondents were more interested in the new technological developments in the mobile phone industry as compared to female respondents. Keywords: Nokia, LG, Samsung, Consumer Preference

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