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Axonal transport of acetylcholine, choline acetyltransferase and cholinesterase in regenerating peripheral nerve.

  • R A O'Brien
Publication Date
Sep 01, 1978
  • Biology


1. The axonal transport of acetylcholine (ACh), choline acetyltransferase (ChAc) and cholinesterase (ChE) was estimated in the peroneal nerves of rabbits by measuring the accumulation of each against a nerve crush over a period of 20 hr. 2. Estimates were made of the amounts of these substances that were transported in nerves that had been regenerating for up to 111 days after being crushed or up to 13 days after being cut. 3. The initial response was the same whether the injury was a crush or a cut; the amount of ACh transported was increased, while ChAc and ChE transport was reduced. 4. The amounts of ACh, ChAc and ChE transported tended to return to normal levels when the nerves were allowed to reinnervate the denervated muscles. ChAc transport also showed an early recovery in the cut nerves. 5. The ACh content of the central nerve stump did not alter throughout regeneration but ChAc and ChE contents were reduced at the times when the transport of the enzymes was reduced. 6. These results are discussed in relation to the time course of nerve regeneration.

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