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Axially-Anisotropic Hierarchical Grating 2D Guided-Mode Resonance Strain-Sensor

  • babu, sachin
  • lee, jeong-bong
Publication Date
Nov 28, 2019
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Guided-mode resonance strain sensors are planar binary gratings that have fixed resonance positions and quality factors decided by material properties and grating parameters. If one is restricted by material choices, the quality factor can only be improved by adjusting the grating parameters. We report a new method to improve quality factor by applying a slotting design rule to a grating design. We investigate this design rule by first providing a theoretical analysis on how it works and then applying it to a previously studied 2D solid-disc guided-mode resonance grating strain sensor design to create a new slotted-disc guided-mode resonance grating design. We then use finite element analysis to obtain reflection spectrum results that show the new design produces resonances with at least a 6-fold increase in quality factor over the original design and more axially-symmetric sensitivities. Lastly, we discuss the applicability of the slotting design rule to binary gratings in general as a means of improving grating performance while retaining both material and resonance position choices.

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