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Autonomous expression of c-myc in BC3H1 cells partially inhibits but does not prevent myogenic differentiation.

  • M D Schneider
  • M B Perryman
  • P A Payne
  • G Spizz
  • R Roberts
  • E N Olson
Publication Date
May 01, 1987


Myogenic differentiation is obligatorily coupled to withdrawal of myoblasts from the cell cycle and is inhibited by specific polypeptide growth factors. To investigate the potential involvement of c-myc in the control of myogenesis, the BC3H1 muscle cell line was stably transfected with a simian virus 40 promoter:c-myc chimeric gene. In quiescent cells in 0.5% serum, the exogenous c-myc gene was expressed at a level more than threefold greater than the level of endogenous c-myc in undifferentiated, proliferating cells of the parental line in 20% serum. The transfected myc gene partially inhibited the expression of both muscle creatine kinase and the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, but was not sufficient to prevent the induction of these muscle differentiation products upon mitogen withdrawal.

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