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The Australian Democrats and the Politics of Peace

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  • 169902 Studies Of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Society
  • 160609 Political Theory And Political Philosophy
  • 160600 Political Science
  • 220319 Social Philosophy
  • 160607 International Relations
  • Australian Democrats
  • Peace
  • Peace
  • Making
  • Rhetoric Of Peace
  • Political Cynicism
  • Vietnam Anti
  • War Movements
  • Liberalism
  • Liberal Tradition
  • Centrist
  • Gandhian
  • East Timor
  • Nuclear Non
  • Proliferation Treaty
  • Gulf War
  • Defence Co
  • Operation Control Bill
  • Defence Amendment (Parliamentary Approval For Australian Involvement In Overseas Conflict) Bill
  • Cluster Munitions (Prohibitions) Bill
  • Peace And Nonviolence Commission Control Bill
  • Don Chipp
  • Colin Mason
  • Andrew Bartlett
  • Lyn Allison
  • Declaration Of The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples
  • Participatory Democracy
  • Decline In Beneficence
  • Voice Of Peace
  • Citizens Of Goodwill
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Peace and the politics of peace are complex issues. However over the past 30 years the Australian Democrats have been a consistent voice in support of peace, not merely opposing military engagement but also proposing significant legislation that will support peace-making in Australia and emergence of a peaceful country. Those citizens who support peace and understanding could do well to support the Australian Democrats.

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