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Att älska sin ära : Samverkan mellan socialsekreterare och skolkuratorer i ärenden angående hedersrelaterat våld och förtryck / To love your honor : Collaboration between social secretaries and school counselors in cases concerning honor-related violence and oppression

  • Fransén, Johanna
  • Karlsson, Evelina
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2021
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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Since the early 2000s, Sweden's municipalities have been working to map the new social problem of honor-related violence and oppression. School and social services are two important organizations for the ones experiencing this problem in order to receive the help and support to which they are entitled. However, the work between these two organizations is in need of development and there is also a lack of basic research in this area. This study therefore intends to investigate and gain knowledge about social welfare secretaries and school counselor's perspectives on cooperation in cases concerning honor-related violence and oppression. This is to understand whether it is possible to streamline the work between the organizations in these matters to also create greater trust between them. The study was conducted with seven qualitative interviews with school counselors and social welfare secretaries to create an understanding of the professionals' views on cooperation between the organizations and how it could be expanded and improved. These interviews were then analyzed through the scientific theoretical approach hermeneutics and the theory of discretion. The result of this study was that several factors exist that entail promoting as well as preventive components for cooperation between the two organizations to occur in cases concerning honor-related violence and oppression. The result also shows that increased cooperation between the organizations is a matter of wishes and needs, which they had ideas on how could be done.

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