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Atomic and Molecular Databases Open Science for a sustainable world

  • Berriman, G.B.
  • Barklem, P.
  • Choi, K.
  • Foster, A.
  • Gordon, I.
  • Hill, C.
  • Kim, J.
  • Kwon, D.H.
  • Linnartz, H.
  • Ralchenko, Yu.
  • Salama, F.
  • Shmagun, H.
  • Schilke, P.
  • Seo, D.
  • Shim, J.
  • Shin, S.
  • Song, M.-Y.
  • Tennyson, J.
  • Vastel, C.
Publication Date
Mar 19, 2024
DOI: 10.1017/S1743921323000261
OAI: oai:HAL:hal-04519711v1
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Abstract The building of online atomic and molecular databases for astrophysics and for other research fields started with the beginning of the internet. These databases have encompassed different forms: databases of individual research groups exposing their own data, databases providing collected data from the refereed literature, databases providing evaluated compilations, databases providing repositories for individuals to deposit their data, and so on. They were, and are, the replacement for literature compilations with the goal of providing more complete and in particular easily accessible data services to the users communities. Such initiatives involve not only scientific work on the data, but also the characterization of data, which comes with the “standardization” of metadata and of the relations between metadata, as recently developed in different communities. This contribution aims at providing a representative overview of the atomic and molecular databases ecosystem, which is available to the astrophysical community and addresses different issues linked to the use and management of data and databases. The information provided in this paper is related to the keynote lecture “Atomic and Molecular Databases: Open Science for better science and a sustainable world” whose slides can be found at DOI : on the Zenodo repository connected to the “cb5-labastro” Zenodo Community ( ).

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