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The association between parenting behaviour and somatisation in adolescents explained by physiological responses in adolescents

  • Rousseau, Sofie; 60579;
  • Grietens, Hans; 7596;
  • Vanderfaeillie, Johan;
  • Hoppenbrouwers, Karel; 12253;
  • Wiersema, Jan R;
  • Baetens, Imke; 49428;
  • Vos, Pieter;
  • Van Leeuwen, Karla; 55523;
Publication Date
May 23, 2014
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Introduction: This study adds to the knowledge on somatization in adolescents by exploring its relationwith parenting behavior and the mediating/moderating role of physiological responses in adolescents to parenting behavior. Method: Eighteen adolescents with high and 18 adolescents with low somatization scores and their mothers completed a discussion task, from which observed parenting behavior scores were derived. Skin conductance in adolescents was measured before and during the discussion. Results: For adolescents with high levels of physiological responses, unadaptive parentingwas related to a higher chance of high somatization scores. For low physiologically responsive adolescents, the relation between parenting behavior and somatization was not significant. Conclusion: Parenting behavior is not univocally related to somatization in adolescents, but the association depends on physiological responses in adolescents. / publisher: Elsevier articletitle: The association between parenting behavior and somatization in adolescents explained by physiological responses in adolescents journaltitle: International Journal of Psychophysiology articlelink: content_type: article copyright: Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. / status: published

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