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Arte, ativismo e espaço urbano na Baía de São Francisco através das ações doQueer Women of Color Media Arts Project - QWOCMAP

  • Ferreira, Glauco Batista
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Nov 14, 2017
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Abstract : Through an ethnographic approach this doctoral dissertation analyzes the practices and discourses of the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project - QWOCMAP, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in San Francisco Bay Area, United States. This NGO carries filmic training and creates films, organizing an annual film festival for the viewing of this audiovisual production. Said organization seeks to bring together and be part of collectivities that identify themselves with feminist social movements in that region, promoting direct actions to organize lesbians, women, queer and trans people of color. Inspired by ?feminism of difference? political proposals, the organization nurtures local conceptions around what they call 'artivism', a neologism and a practice that brings together art and activism. The group encourages different modes of subjectivation and performative ways to build QTWPOC (queer, trans, women and people of color) "communities", in a manner to occupy urban public spaces and gain visibility. Their initiatives and creations seek to develop alternative ways of representing these "marginalized" subjects, while envisioning possible futures and at the same time nurturing ways to promote social justice through art and activism. This research was based on a one-year fieldwork experience with this NGO, acting as part of its internal team throughout its daily activities, during its film festival and in one of its audiovisual training workshops, held in the City of Richmond, California, in 2014. In the proposed analyzes in this work, I have described: the activist scene and the sociocultural context in the San Francisco Bay Area in the contemporary struggles against gentrification; the process involved in the production of their film festival and on its realization; the film production environment through a workshop of filmic training; the dynamics and processes of identity and subjectivation catalyzed through film production and by the festival; and the local perspectives concerning QWOCMAP's ?artivism?, nurtured around notions of transformation and social justice and through the occupation of public spaces to build QTWPOC "communities".

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