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The Art of Eating Icecream

  • Chatterjee, Piya
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Jan 01, 2015
eScholarship - University of California
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In the teeming and chaotic Calcutta, Seema, a small time crook and prostitute becomes a surrogate for a gay American couple. About to give birth to a Caucasian child, Seema realizes that the birth fathers, Bill and Dave are not going to show up. Terrified but always resourceful, Seema leaves the child at the door-step of Sunil and Bethie, who have tragically lost their own baby to still birth, and desperately want a family. Bethie, so recently depressed and suicidal, is delighted to have finally found motherhood in India and Sunil swallows his misgivings for the sake of his adored wife. Seema, unable to let go of the baby she has abandoned, joins the family as a nanny. For a while, all is well, until Sunil discovers the baby's parentage and Bill shows up at their home to claim his biological child.Set in the backdrop of a chaotic, confusing modern day India, the story questions the true nature of love, who we are allowed to call our own, and the price we pay when we choose to give our hearts.

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