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Arbetsböcker eller skönlitteratur, vad motiverar mest? : En interventionsstudie i engelskundervisning på mellanstadiet

  • Hansson, Lovisa
  • Robles Alcayaga, Paulina
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2022
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The overall purpose of this study is to investigate whether the motivation of Swedish pupilsin grades 4-6 to learn can increase when textbooks and workbooks are exchanged for fiction,and more fiction is incorporated in English teaching in Sweden. The study hopes tocontribute to knowledge development that strengthens and develops English teaching inSweden. The teacher is responsible for planning their teaching - at the same time, there aremany discourses about student influence in school contexts. According to the SwedishNational Education Agency (2022), all students should have the right to influence theireducation and school activities. The pupils’ life stories and experiences can contribute toschools' developmental work. Furthermore, this paper aims to find out why and how it ispossible to work with literature to achieve the learning goals stated in the curriculum. It alsoserves as a basis for teachers to gain in-depth knowledge of how they can motivate studentsto work with fiction when teaching English. The essay also provides a variety of workingmethods for integrating fiction in English teaching in grades 4-6 in Swedish schools. The methods used for this essay are qualitative group interviews of a semi-structured natureand the answers come from 25 pupils from two different schools in the middle of Sweden.The intervention study involved three classes, 66 pupils from grades 4 and 5. This study demonstrates that using fiction in English teaching increases pupils' motivationand knowledge acquisition compared to if they are only allowed to work with textbooks andworkbooks.

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