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Appropriate flood intensity analysis to a wetland in old meandering river trace considering the damage by floods and re-growth process of emergent macrophytes

  • 田中, 規夫
  • タナカ, ノリオ
  • Tanaka, Norio
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2005
Saitama University Cyber Repository of Academic Resources
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The rapid recrystallization of amorphous silicon a-Si has been extensively studied using laser annealing, infrared (IR)-lamp heating and rapid thermal annealing (RTA) for further enlargement of the crystalline grain size and improvement of the performance of poly-Si thin film transistors (TFTs) [1-5]. Recently, the argon microplasma jet at ambient pressure has been applied for the rapid recrystallization of a-Si. Highly crystallized poly-Si films were synthesized up to ~2-μm-thick a-Si films by adjusting the rf power Prf, translating velocity of substrate stage and flow rate of Ar Fr(Ar) [6]. In this paper, we report the rapid recrystallization of a-Si and its related materials such as a-Si(P), a-Si(B), a-SiGe, and a-SiOH using rf microplasma jets of argon at ambient pressure.

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