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Appreciation Day for Clinical Staff at VNA Hospice

  • Nguyen, Melody
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Dec 01, 2021
California State University, Monterey Bay
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VNA Hospice of the Central Coast is a nonprofit that was created back in 1951. The staff at VNA are visiting about 75,000 homes per year. Throughout the years the staff have been seeing patients who reached the requirement of having 6 months or less to live. Working with Hospice patients can be hard for everyone but, the staff at VNA are seeing the patients from good days and bad days. Depression is known to negatively impact the clinical staff at VNA Hospice. Staff are working long hours which leads to sleep disturbance and chronic stress. Some staff are also experiencing misdiagnoses of their mental health. Which causes the staff to have lower work performance, burnouts and suffering from compassion fatigue. The project is creating an Appreciation Day package for all of the clinical staff at VNA, to decrease some depression. The findings of the results shows that with the Appreciation Day package clinical staff have decreased some depression. With some changes to the program it could be possible to decrease more than just some depression. One recommendation towards the future of this project is to edit the project just a tad. Instead of just a care package being delivered, maybe making Appreciation Day into a day of letting the staff do activities that are stress relievers.

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