Application of Wavelet Neural Network in Building Settlement Prediction

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Application of Wavelet Neural Network in Building Settlement Prediction

  • Zhang, Ruijie1
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EDP Sciences
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Oct 26, 2020
DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/202019803014
EDP Sciences
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Deformation monitoring, as a key link of information construction, runs through the entire process of the building design period, construction period and operation period[1]. At present, more mature static prediction methods include hyperbolic method, power polynomial method and Asaoka method. But these methods have many problems and shortcomings. In this paper, based on the characteristics of building foundation settlement and the methods widely discussed in this field, a wavelet neural network model with self-learning, self-organization and good nonlinear approximation ability is applied to the prediction problem of building settlement[2]. Using comparative analysis and induction method. The 20-phase monitoring data representing the deformation monitoring points of different settlement states of the line tunnel, using the observation data sequence of the first 15 phases respectively to take the cumulative settlement and interval settlement as training samples, through the BP artificial neural network and the improved wavelet neural network, for the last five periods Predict the observed settlement.Through the comparison, it is found that whether the interval settlement or the cumulative settlement is used, the prediction results of the wavelet neural network are basically better than the prediction results of the BP artificial neural network, and the number of trainings is greatly reduced. The adaptive prediction of the wavelet neural network. The ability is particularly obvious, and the prediction accuracy is significantly improved. Therefore, it can be shown that the wavelet neural network is indeed used in the settlement monitoring and forecast of buildings, which can obtain higher prediction accuracy and better prediction effect, and is a prediction method with great development potential.

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