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Application of observer-based chaotic synchronization and identifiability to original CSK model for secure information transmission

  • Garasym, Oleg
  • Taralova, Ina
  • Lozi, René
Publication Date
Jun 25, 2015
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The modified Lozi system is analyzed as chaotic PRNG and synchronized via observers. The objective of the study is to investigate chaotic-based encryption method that preserves CSK model advantages, but improves the security level. The CSK model have been discussed to message encryption because it implies better resistance against noise, but there are many evidences of the model weaknesses. The investigation provides the original CSK model analyses of secure message transmission over the communication channel by examining identifiability and observability; switched regimes detection; sensitivity to initial conditions and session key; NIST tests of the encrypted signal; correlation between wrong decrypted messages; system ergodicity. The proposed model has a significant effect on the security level of the transmitted signal that successfully passed chaotic and randomness tests. The results suggest that the original CSK model can be used for information security applications.

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