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The application of a new, innovative, hybrid technology combining hardfacing and nitriding to increase the durability of forging tools

  • Kaszuba, Marcin1
  • 1 Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Lukasiewicza Street 5, Wrocław, Poland , Wrocław (Poland)
Published Article
Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Springer London
Publication Date
Oct 06, 2020
DOI: 10.1007/s43452-020-00122-1
Springer Nature


The article deals with the wear of forging tools used in hot forging processes. The research presented in the work includes analysis of tool life used in a selected industrial hot die forging process. Multiple treatment variants were used to increase wear resistance, including thermo-chemical treatment (nitriding), welding methods (surfacing) and an innovative new hybrid technology combining surfacing and nitriding. First of all, the research focused on determining the impact of the phase structure of the nitrided layers used and the surfacing layer on resistance to destructive factors occurring in the analyzed process. Next, hybrid treated tools combining surfacing and nitriding were also subjected to operational tests. Each of the tools analyzed in this work was operated until it was withdrawn due to excessive wear, and then subjected to comprehensive analysis. The tests of tools after operation included: surface scanning to determine the amount of wear of the analyzed tools after work, microhardness measurement, and microscopic tests. A detailed analysis of changes in the surface layer of tools in selected areas was made using a scanning microscope. The aim of the study was to assess the effectiveness of the hybrid surface treatment process used to increase the wear resistance of the surface layer of tools and thereby improve the durability of the forged tools analyzed. The obtained research results indicate a beneficial effect of using the new technology resulting in 300% increase in the durability of the analyzed tools. The effect of improving durability confirmed by obtained results arises from the use of hybrid layers, which are more resistant to abrasive wear and to cracking due to thermo-mechanical fatigue. Moreover, the study shows that nitriding may have a beneficial influence on improving the lifetime of forging tools, under the condition that the nitrided layer has an α diffusive layer structure, without a larger amount of γ’ and ε nitride precipitates.

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