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Anpassning till automatisering : Insikter från redovisningsföretag

  • Tovedal Böö, Niklas
  • Ernstsson, Axel
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2023
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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As automation continues to revolutionize the accounting industry, it is imperative to gain insights into how accounting firms are responding and adapting to this transformation. Additionally, it is crucial to understand how tasks are evolving and the corresponding changes in required competencies due to this adaptation.  This study explores the ways in which accounting firms are adjusting to automation. It begins by highlighting the necessity of the study and providing a comprehensive overview of prior research conducted in this field. The theoretical framework employed encompasses role theory and role transition theory, which help elucidate the impact of automation on work tasks.  The study is primarily qualitative in nature, employing semi-structured interviews as the data collection method. Ten participants from various accounting firms were involved in these interviews, enabling the capturing of their experiences and perspectives on the integration of automation into their workflows. The interviews shed light on the challenges associated with automation and the strategies employed to optimize its benefits. The findings are presented in a cohesive narrative, providing an integrated view of how these companies are incorporating automation.  The conclusion of the study elucidates the transformative effects of automation on accounting firms and how they have adapted to these changes. It delves into the specific skills that are in high demand and outlines the alterations in tasks and roles. Furthermore, it identifies two distinct strategies adopted by companies to adapt to automation. One strategy involves shifting the business focus towards consulting, while the other concentrates on expanding the client base and offering traditional accounting services.

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