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Analyzing the Disruption Factors of Emerging Markets : A Case Study of Pakistani Telecom IndustryHuawei in Pakistan

  • Abbas, Wasim
  • Chaudhry, Saqib Mehmood
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Jan 01, 2011
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A free and flexible business environment attracts international organisations to those markets that have big growth potential and high profit margins. To penetrate emerging markets is of great interest to any international organisation. The situation gets more intense if it is in the field of telecommunications. Telecommunications (telecoms) and information technology (IT) are generically known as the information and communication technologies (ICT) industries. ICT is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and is also considered among the biggest markets in terms of customer base, growth and profitability. The competition is very high in such markets, so relatively unique, attractive and extraordinary business strategies are usually practiced by these companies. The situation may create an atmosphere of upheavals and uncertainties in such markets. Extraordinary or unethical business policies can not only affect the business of other organisations, but also has some after-effects on societies and the mindset of target nations and market ethics. Organisations are very much engaged with society and work in the social environment, therefore the socio-cultural components is of great importance when designing business strategies. Exploring the facts about emerging markets and by analysing the case of Chinese company Huawei in the Pakistani telecom market, this thesis gives investigates and assess the success factor of this Chinese company. This thesis highlights the upheaval factors of emerging markets, by analysing the role of cultural interests and the mindsets of target nations for organisations planning their strategies

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