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Analysis of overland flood flow intrusion into underground space

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Kyoto University Research Information Repository
  • 氾濫解析
  • 地下空間
  • 都市域
  • 水防災
  • 数値解析
  • Inundation Flow Analisys
  • Underground Space
  • Urban Area
  • Flood Disaster Prevention
  • Numerical Simulation
  • 517.4
  • 517.57
  • 518.8
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This paper treats a numerical analisys of overland flood flow intrusion into underground space in urban area. A one‐dimensional network mathematical model to express inundation flow in underground space linked with a two‐dimensional overland flood flows by river bank collapse is developed and applied to Umeda underground market in Osaka city.For the pipe flow condition in underground space,a slot model is also applied. The obtained results show that the model exploited here can simulate the aspects of inundation flow into underground space fairly well.

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