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Analysis of Isoaccepting Transfer Ribonucleic Acid Species of Bacillus subtilis: Changes in Chromatography of Transfer Ribonucleic Acids Associated with Stage of Development

  • Barbara S. Vold
Publication Date
Apr 01, 1973


Changes in chromatographic profiles of tyrosyl-, leucyl-, tryptophanyl-, and lysyl-transfer ribonucleic acids (tRNAs) are presented as a function of the growth stage in Bacillus subtilis. All of the tRNA groups investigated expressed different temporal patterns of change in isoaccepting species. Tyrosyl-tRNAs were the earliest to change and were followed by changes in leucyl- and then tryptophanyl-tRNAs. Lysyl-tRNAs were unique in having two times of change: one early and one very late. As an aid in understanding the temporal aspect of tRNA alterations during sporulation, the chromatographic profiles of aminoacyl tRNAs from an early blocked asporogenous mutant were studied. The asporogenous mutant used was blocked at the axial filament stage, stage 0 of sporulation. Nevertheless, those tRNAs which showed differences between the spore and cells in exponential growth exhibited similar changes in the asporogenous mutant after 24 h of growth. The data suggest that several tRNA changes occur during development in B. subtilis but that the events leading to these changes are either independent of, or occur before, stage 0 of sporulation, except in the case of lysyl-tRNA.

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