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Analysis of low voltage power distribution to signalling installations

  • Pedral, Jacques
  • Abriren, Josef
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Jan 01, 2016
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This report identifies how the system design of low voltage power distribution of the railway can be more cost effective. In the current situation there is a norm on the system design that tends to be replicated each year. This has brought a lack of innovation in the field. The purpose of the thesis was to come up with two model stations with the interlocking system M11 respectively M95, where the positioning and nominal size of the UPS:s would be determined to provide a cost effective solution. Furthermore, the cable dimensioning of the model stations was computed as well as the possibility of replacing UPS-systems with rectifier-systems. The model stations were based on two already existing operating sites, Fagersta C (M11) and Skänninge (M95). Lastly, different energy storage alternatives for UPS-systems were compared to acquire the most appropriate choice. Through simulations and calculations in, inter alia, the computer program El-Vis, the low voltage power distribution was dimensioned for the model stations. The thesis shows that a distributed UPS-system is preferred in an economical point of view compared to a centralized UPS-system. Furthermore, the thesis establishes that the rectifier system Rectiverter can replace UPS:s. It also states that accumulators are the most suitable alternative for energy storage.

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