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Análise, validação e aplicação de modelo da orelha média humana utilizando o método dos elementos finitos

  • Lobato, Lucas Costa
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Sep 22, 2018
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Abstract : The human middle ear is part of auditory system which its function is to transmit the acoustical energy to inner ear by means of mechanical vibrations. Numerical models of the middle ear, such as models based on the Finite Element Method, are studied since the early 90 s. However, differently from structures usually studied in engineering, the middle ear is a very small biological structure. Therefore, the availability of mechanical properties data is still sparse and scattered. In order to get a reliable model of the human middle ear, this work is divided in three parts: (I) a review on the morphology, mechanical properties, FE modeling and dynamic characterization of the human middle ear; (II) experimental procedure to measure frequency response stapes footplate velocity caused by acoustical excitation on the tympanic membrane , in order to obtain reference data for model validation; (III) presentation of the numerical model and its validation. After model validation, some applications are shown in order to forecast the effects of some pathologies on the middle ear dynamics. Results showthat the model can be a powerfull tool for clinical applications and research in otology.

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