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Análise da contribuição das forças magnéticas no comportamento vibroacústico de um compressor alternativo

  • Myrria Neto, Gustavo
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Jan 01, 2015
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Abstract : One of the noise and vibration source of compressor is the electric motor. In the case of reciprocating compressors, the AC electric motor provides mechanical energy to the crankshaft which transfers this energy to the rod and piston. Basically, vibroacoustic sources in electric motors can be divided in three categories: mechanic, aerodynamic and electromagnetic. From the literature it is known that magnetic forces are relevant on the vibratory behavior of an electric motor. Magnetic excitations have great amplitudes in a wide frequency range and should be considered in machine design since they can excite other components in their resonant frequencies. Within the previous studies on the sources of noise and vibration in reciprocating compressors is observed that few studies have been dedicated to investigate the sources caused by the electric motor operation. This work aims to model and get the contribution of magnetic forces generated by the electric motor operation on noise and vibration of a reciprocating compressor. Thus, the investigation of the origin of magnetic forces and their interaction with other structural components of the reciprocating compressor will be performed. Therefore, the modeling of mechanical, electromagnetic and acoustic electric motor systems was developed through analytical and numerical techniques. Experimental tests were conducted to obtain the magnetic forces and the respective vibratory response of the motor. With these information, a validated numerical model is proposed. Additionally, the influence of the force associated with the compression of the gas was determined on the sound power of the compressor.

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