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Alkyl Enol Ethers: Development in Intermolecular Organic Transformation

  • Ahmad, Sarwat Asma Ziya
  • Jena, Tapan Kumar
  • Khan, Faiz Ahmed
Publication Date
Jul 05, 2021
Research Archive of Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad


Alkyl enol ethers (AEE) are versatile synthetic intermediates with a unique reactivity pattern. This review article summarizes the synthesis of AEE as well as its reactivity and how enol ether undergoes intermolecular reactions for various bond formation, leading to the construction of several useful organic molecules. The synthetic applications of alkyl enol ethers towards intermolecular bond-forming reactions include metal-catalyzed reactions, cycloaddition and heterocycle formation as well as rwactions in the field of natural products synthesis. The achievement of these impressive transformations prove the countless synthetic potential of AEE. The main objective of this review is to bring attentiveness among synthetic chemists to show how AEE extensively can be used to react with both electrophiles as well as nucleophiles, thereby behaving as an ambiphilic reactant. We trust that the unique reactivity pattern of alkyl enol ethers and the fundamental mechanistic idea can attract chemists in AEE chemistry. Exclusively, intermolecular reactions of AEE with other functionalized moieties have not been reviewed to the best of our knowledge.

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