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Agile HR from an institutional perspective : A case study on field interactions emergence and impact on the translation of ideas

  • Ekman, Cecilia
  • Ramstedt, Linnea
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Jan 01, 2017
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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Background: Agile methods is an established approach within IT and software development that has recently appeared in other contexts, in HR-functions named Agile HR. To explain how ideas travel and land in different situations, the concept of translation is usually introduced. Translation of an idea means that an idea can take different appearance depending on the situation. Fields are explained in institutional theory as an area, or interactions within a specific domain. An increasingly common phenomena today is that fields interact and when so, new practices can emerge. Aim: The aim of the study is to, from an institutional perspective, increase the understanding of the emergence of field interaction and its impact on the translation of ideas. Methodology: The study has taken an institutional and hermeneutic perspective and has been conducted with a qualitative method. A case study has been completed where interviews have been the primary method of data collection, with twelve participants in total. Together they cover the discourse about Agile HR. Secondary data from blogs and webpages have also been used. Conclusion: The study conclude that Agile HR emerge from interactions between the field IT and the field HR. Within the field interaction two arenas being identified with different dependence to the interacting field IT. This generates different translations of Agile HR. The differences are being explained by institutional and contingency factors within the environment that create power asymmetries. The dependence emerge from an integration mechanism or from a chain reaction of already existing dependence.

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