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Inactivation of lipase in rice bran in Indian rice mills.

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  • 05 Enzymes
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Suitability of different methods for inactivation of lipase in rice bran that might be adopted by rice mills in India was studied. Steaming of rice bran from raw rice for 15 min, steaming of raw paddy before milling for 5-10 min or steam treatment of soaked paddy for 10 min during the parboiling process effectively controlled lipase activity. All these treatments however required a drying treatment for the bran or paddy. Heat treatment of bran in a closed revolving toaster until the temp. of bran rose to 110 degree C inactivated the lipase. Bran thus treated could be stored for 3 months at 37 degree C and 70% RH with free fatty acids (FFA) below 10%. Under mill conditions of storage of such a heat treated bran in bulk, however, FFA rose to a high level. This has been traced to be caused by insects infesting the bran. If the stabilized bran is protected against insects by suitable fumigation, rise of FFA can be prevented. Frictional heat developed in an oil press also shows possibilities of application for lipase inactivation in rice bran.

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