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Afeto, convivência e constituição da pessoa: etnografia das relações familiares a partir de indenizações morais por abandono afetivo no estado de Santa Catarina

  • Mazzorana, Danielle Gonçalves Rech
Publication Date
Oct 26, 2012
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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This ethnography deals with the family relationships and kinship connected to the legal sphere, specifically regarding the moral claims to the father due affective abandonment, from the understandings of fathers, mothers, children, lawyers, judges, that lives in the cities of Santa Catarina State. Besides dealing with visions of family and relational frames, where affection and familiarity are key elements for the construction of links and significant people, directing to these bonds flexibility, also evokes the individual experiences with the judicial institution, conflicts, tensions, alliances, places, links and interpretations build from these experiences. In this context, concepts, categories, morals concerning related conjugality, gender relations, motherhood and fatherhood, among other things, were constructed from different perspectives modeled on social values grounded in family configurations. Finally, it's describe the interlocutors understandings about affection and person, links and tensions between the individual and the family membership, as well as some mechanisms of contemporary subjectivity

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