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Generation of isomeric cross sections and a study on D-T neutron application for production of therapeutic radioisotopes

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  • 치료용 동위원소
  • Therapeutic Radioisotope
  • 이성핵 단면적
  • Isomeric Cross Section
  • Talys Code
  • 중성자 발생장치
  • Neutron Generator
  • 14 Mev D-T 중성자
  • 14 Mev D-T Neutron
  • Mcnp 모사.
  • Mcnp Simulation.
  • Design
  • Logic
  • Medicine


The reaction cross sections are calculated and evaluated for production of therapeutic radioisotopes, P-32, Sr-89, Te-131(I-131), Ir-192, and new technique is introduced, using high energy of D-T neutron for (n,p) reaction in this study. The evaluation of metastable state is very important for production of 131Te, 192Ir, but there are few isomeric cross sections until now. Therefore the nuclear cross sections are generated with TALYS model calculation code, which based on nuclear model theory, optical model potential, resonance parameter, thermal neutron capture cross sections. TALYS code has calculated the optimized optical model parameters by adjustment of experimental cross sections, and normalized the isomeric cross sections, in the energy region from a few keV to 20 MeV. Thermal neutron capture cross sections are evaluated by variance- weighting method with EXFOR experimental data, resonance parameters are extracted from each library, and cross sections are calculated in the combined energy region. The efficiency of fission reactor production is very low in (n,p) reaction method of high energy neutron, so 14 MeV D-T fusion neutron is introduced in this production. The concept and characteristic of (n,p) production for therapeutic radioisotope Sr-89 by using coaxial cylindrical D-T neutron generator are studied. The limitation and demerit of fission reactor method are analyzed, and the merit of D-T neutron, production yield, effect of side activity, irradiation condition, and expandability of device are discussed by using MCNP simulation in the conceptual design. The significant meaning of this study is the increasing of precision in the production cross section of P-32, Sr-89, Te-131(I-131), Ir-192, and the feasibility of 14 MeV D-T neutron generator in the (n,p) production as alternative method of fission reactor. * Note: The text above is the abstract of the thesis. You can use the full-text b

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