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INFORMAL LOGIC XVI.l, Winter 1994 Book Abstracts Burbidge, John (1990). Within Reason: A Guide to Non-Deductive Reasoning. Peterbor- ough, Ontario: Broadview Press. ISBN 0- 921149-55-7. An analogy notices a similarity between different things, and it is used to identify a proposition or relation. Working within this definition, Within Reason shows how various forms of non-deductive reasoning are varia- tions on analogical arguments: induction, both simple and statistical, correlation, replies to ob- jections, explanations, reasoning to action. A final chapter talks about assessing arguments that do not fit any standard pattern. Illustrative examples and most of the exercises are taken from the philosophical tradition or respected uses. Since there is seldom a neat answer, the student is encouraged to develop skills in exer- cising judgement. Broadview Press has a set of possible answers for the use of instructors. Fogelin, Robert & Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter (1990). Understanding Arguments: An Intro- duction to InformallAlgie (4th ed.). San Di- ego: Harcourt Brace College Publishers. ISBN 0-15-592672-1. This concise, clear, and lively textbook uses theories of speech acts and conversational im- plication to explore fallacies, suppressed premises, and the role of common words in ar- guments. There are also chapters on proposi- tional logic, syllogistic logic, induction, probability, and a new simplified version of Mill's methods. Part Two includes introduc- tions to legal, moral, scientific, and philosophi- cal reasoning, together with complete, forceful essays by opponents on controversial issues in these areas (affirmative action, abortion, crea- tionism, and artificial intelligence), so students can apply the methods of argumentation they have learned. There are numerous exercises and discussion questions, and an instructor's manual is available. Little, J. Frederick, Groarke, Leo, & Tindale, Christopher W. (1989). Good Reasoning Mat- ters! A Constr

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