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London mental health: the invisible costs of mental ill health

Greater London Authority (GLA)
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Microsoft Word - Mental health report.docx LONDON MENTAL HEALTH The invisible costs of mental ill health THE LONDON MENTAL HEALTH REPORT COPYRIGHT Greater London Authority January 2014 Published by Greater London Authority City Hall The Queen’s Walk More London London SE1 2AA enquiries 020 7983 4100 minicom 020 7983 4458 ISBN Photographs © Adam Hinton Copies of this report are available from THE LONDON MENTAL HEALTH REPORT Acknowledgements The Greater London Authority wishes to acknowledge and gratefully thank the members of this report’s working group for their generous time and expert contributions, without which this report would not have been possible. In particular, the GLA wishes to thank Kam Bhui for his assistance with the epidemiology of minority groups, Gregor Henderson and Paul Plant for their expert input in the area of public health, Chris Naylor for his contributions to comorbidities in mental health, Martin Knapp and Michael Parsonage for their expert guidance and input into the economic content, and Geraldine Strathdee for her assistance with London epidemiological data. The GLA is also grateful to David Beyt for his contributions to this report and his service to the organisation. THE LONDON MENTAL HEALTH REPORT CONTENTS Foreword 4 Key findings 5 MENTAL ILL HEALTH IN LONDON 7 ‘Mental health’ versus ‘mental ill health’ 8 Population stress and wellbeing 9 Early life and maternal mental health 10 School-aged children and young people 10 Suicide and self-harm in adolescents 11 Adults of working age 12 Common mental disorders 12 Severe and enduring mental disorders 12 Eating disorders 13 Suicide and self-harm in adults 13 Personality disorders 14 Older people 14 Dementia 15 Comorbidity 16 Mental health inequalities 16 THE WIDER IMPACTS OF MENTAL ILL HEALTH

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