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Adrenal hemangiomas: Two case reports with a review of the literature

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Abstract Hemangiomas, although frequently found elsewhere, are rarely encountered in the adrenal gland. Only 17 surgical cases of adrenal hemangiomas have been reported, with an additional case not surgically treated. The pertinent literature has been reviewed. Two additional cases, one identified preoperatively and both removed surgically, are presented herein. Ultrasonograms and computed tomographs showed large, necrotic masses without calcifications. Preoperative angiograms taken for case 1 demonstrated pooling of contrast media within this mass, strongly suggesting a diagnosis of hemangioma; case 2 lacked similar angiographic findings. The radiologic finding of calcifications, when present, along with the characteristic angiographic appearance of a hemangioma, allows the radiologist to correctly diagnose this benign tumor preoperatively. Although rare, these tumors should be part of the differential diagnosis of adrenal neoplasms.

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